A new level of collaboration and efficiency for lesson planning – introducing Polar Hub

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Polar Hub is Polar Partners’ digital platform that combines the curriculum, teaching and lesson planning, digital teaching resources, and learning progress tracking. Its intuitive interface enables teachers and management to use their curriculum effectively online and connect it with other digital tools.

Long days and nights planning lessons and exercises. Endless stacks of curriculum pages that need to be internalized and modified into practice. Dozens of different teaching apps and learning materials that don’t interact in any way. These are just some of the pain points teachers face in their everyday work.

Having worked as a teacher myself, I have first-hand experience in the difficulty of finding enough time for lesson planning, reporting and creating high-quality content.

Kimmo Kumpulainen, Founder of Polar Partners

Jacks of all trades, masters of none

Finland implemented the first digital version of their national curriculum ten years ago. This was a big step up from the curriculum existing only in print form. Still, despite being accessible online, the national curriculum featured little interactivity and had to be modified and applied individually by each school and teacher.

Early on, the education software market was flooded with applications that were designed only to cover a single aspect of teaching. On the other hand, attempts at creating a software solution that encompasses every possible aspect of education failed at excelling in anything. For a long time, there weren’t any comprehensive tools available for teachers to plan their short- or long-term teaching on a lesson level,

Kimmo Kumpulainen explains

Polar Hub is a modern digital dashboard that combines curriculum to annual planning, lesson planning and all educational resources in one place.

Streamlining digital education

So far, there hasn’t been a digital solution for connecting all required teaching apps into a single interface that is also connected to a national curriculum – until the introduction of Polar Hub. Polar Partners’ school development projects always include a lot of curriculum work and customization. Polar Hub was originally conceived as a tool for school development projects, but was realized that it could be actually used in all the schools in the world. It makes lesson planning and curriculum work more transparent and provides inspiration for teachers.

There are already several fantastic digital applications for e.g., learning mathematics. Polar Hub do not want to compete with those, but instead partner up with the best solution developers to provide a premium experience for Polar Hub users. The goal is not trying to develop a thousand different features ourselves to Polar Hub. Instead, the focus is on the curriculum and lesson planning features and incorporate the best teaching apps and software solutions into the dashboard. The key idea is to provide a single access point for teachers and students to quickly access everything they need for digital teaching and learning.

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Try it out yourself – for free

Polar Hub has quickly attracted interest and is currently being piloted with selected clients. Our first pilot programs have garnered praise for the platform’s modern and highly visual interface, ease of use, and out-of-the-box lesson plans.

We are currently offering a free pilot version of Polar Hub for a few first schools in each new country. The platform is customized to match your actual learning content to your curriculum so you can use the platform immediately with your own learning objectives. Through the pilot, it is easy to determine whether Polar Hub is suited for your application, risk-free. Teachers can try out lesson planning and find out how much time they can save by planning their lessons in Polar Hub.

As a pilot customer, you will gain a 75% discount for the next three years, for only 0,50€ / student/month (normal price 1,99€).

Contact our team to start the pilot.

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