Develop your existing school

Polar Partners provides the best education from early childhood education to grade 12. With our expertise, you can develop your school with high-quality methods based on the Finnish education model. Our solutions deliver you a high-quality school where students gain important life skills and shape a bright future of their own.

Best practices to take your existing school to the next level

Current global challenges have pushed schools to transform and develop their operations faster than ever before to deliver quality education. To achieve your future vision, you need to have a holistic approach to development and an open mind. We help you to identify the development areas of your school and prepare a concrete plan for the future.

We can help you with specific, defined challenges, e.g. bringing modern teaching methods and creating an inspiring learning environment. We can also support you in transforming your existing school to match the Finnish International School standards.

  • Comprehensive approach to school development

  • Increase future skills and the well-being of students

  • High-quality expertise from Finland

  • Tailored development plan with a real impact

Finnish education is a fresh and reputable brand for your school

The Finnish education system is research-and-evidence based. Students are guided to explore, demonstrate understanding, and reflect on new knowledge and how to apply it in the real world, not just in tests. Trained teachers understand how age-appropriate learning happens. They have a wide toolkit of modern teaching methods to introduce new knowledge or support students with difficulties. The Finnish approach has won many awards for its emphasis on skill-based learning.

The first step is to start with the gap analysis

First, you need to have a vision of what kind of school you are intending to create, and the best location for it. Our experienced team can help to crystallize your vision and make it a reality. Our award-winning Polar School concept is the basis for development.

Our team starts the development process with a comprehensive gap analysis to identify the current baseline situation and the desired vision of your school. We create a full gap analysis report with a tailored development plan using Finnish methods to suit the specific needs of your school, including a realistic timeline and budget. At the end of the development project, we measure the results and adjust the recommendations needed for long-term development.

Polar Partners development services can contain for example:

  • Curriculum development using Finnish methods and 21st century skills
  • New ideas and tools for school operation and academic planning
  • Concepts for school building enhancements
  • Certified leadership and teacher training program

To help you to develop your school, we want to start by asking a few questions. Please let us know your current vision & wishes, timeline for the project, and budget by answering the questionnaire. We are happy to tell you more about our development services.

The process of a development project

Phase 1: Gap analysis

3 months

Phase 2: Development

1-2 years

Phase 3: Partnership and further development

2+ years

  • timeline_project preparation

    3 months Phase 1: Gap analysis

    Our team of experts starts the gap analysis with a visit to the location (or online evaluation) to conduct a thorough analysis (PPEST-analysis; pedagogical, political, economic, social, and technical) of the school’s baseline situation and desired development. Our team reviews the school facilities, observes lessons, interviews school stakeholders, and gathers other data. The results are then analysed and the performance of the school is compared to the Finnish educational model. As a result, a project plan is created for the 2nd phase of school development.

  • 1-2 years Phase 2: Development

    The development phase is based on the real needs of your school. During the development phase, our experienced project management team oversees the school project and guarantees quality delivery according to plan. We help you with change management, and planning appropriate and smooth communication to the teachers and other stakeholders. You are ready to promote the development with Finnish experts and launch the new program in 1 to 2 years.

  • 2+ years Phase 3: Partnership and further development

    After the development project, we can support the school in the future and create a partnership. We can provide operational support to the school management, and continuous training for the teachers to deepen their skills, update the curriculum and recommend the latest learning content.

Let’s get started

Contact our team and let us know your initial plans by answering to a few questions about your project such as your vision, timeline for the project and budget for the first five years. This will help us to provide you with relevant new information. We will get back to you in two days.

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