Experiencing Finnish education in Finland

You can find a lot of information online about the world-famous education system of Finland, and in recent years experts have poured in from different countries to learn about it on-site. What is the point of making the effort, what can you experience?

Why to Have a Study Tour When You Can Find Everything Online?

These days you can study almost everything online, also the Finnish education system. Although we are still convinced that the best way to learn about anything is to experience it yourself and see it in action. That’s why study visits are so popular. In addition study tours offer you a change to make new connections worldwide while getting familiar with the Finnish education and enjoying everything the country has to offer.

To have a complete understanding of the Finnish education system would require staying in the country for a long period of time. But as most don’t have the time or the means to do so, having a shorter visit with an intense programme is more fitting. As with any abstract issue, you only understand fully after experiencing it yourself. “It is kind of a confirmation”, says Ellimaija Ahonen, the CEO of Learning Scoop. In addition to teacher training, the company offers study tours in Finland.    

Ahonen lists new ideas and insights as two of the biggest benefits of the study tours. The participants usually find Finnish school and teaching practices very inspiring. There is always reflection among the participants about how these new ideas and practices could be applied in their own schools and countries. The idea is not to copy anything, but to apply the best practices so that they fit the existing culture and context. Many visitors also emphasize how enlightening it is to get a deeper understanding of the Finnish education and its founding principles and really witness Finnish education in action.

Education Experts as Trainers in Quality Tours

The study tours are not just educational tourism, but they are meant to be professionally rewarding. The contents of the tours are designed to provide new ideas and experiences that are useful in one’s own work. To assure the high-quality content, the trainers in study tours are education experts with years of experience from the Finnish education. Their backgrounds are in teaching, teacher training and working as head of schools. 

The tours include of course the visits to schools where visitors can experience the Finnish education system at first hand. The visitors are taken care of by the education experts at the schools providing professional insight in the system – from the learning environment, to teachers’ roles, responsibilities and pedagogical methodologies. In addition to school visits, tours include expert lectures and workshops which help to better understand the whys and wherefores behind the education system.  

A testimony to Learning Scoop’s top-quality and professional approach to study tours is the excellent feedback received from the customers. Having had hundreds of visitors from over 50 different countries they have fine-tuned their study tours to fit the various needs of the customers. On top of that Learning Scoop´s Study Tours were just awarded as “The Best Authentical Finnish Educational Travel Product”.

Things to Take into Account When Planning a Study Tour

As a study tour often lasts only for five days, it is good to focus on the area of education which interests you the most. Doing research on the tours beforehand is always a good idea. For example, Learning Scoop offers seven pre-made tours, each having a different theme. If any of those won’t fit your needs, there is also the option of a tailored tour.

The seasons set their own restrictions to the visit. The school year in Finland starts in early August and ends in the last days of May. During the summer, only Early Childhood Education and Care centres are open. A visit to school isn’t possible during the two weeks’ Christmas break or during the week-long holidays in autumn and spring.  

In between the scheduled activities there is enough time to do some sightseeing. When already having travelled to Finland, a small trip to other parts of the country might sound appealing. If you don’t want to waste any opportunities, I suggest looking into the possible destinations inside the country prior visiting. 

Are you interested to do a professional study visit to Finland? Contact us and we’ll let you know more.

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Written by Polar Partners’ marketing intern Juliaana Kärkkäinen