School upscaling and gap analysis in Egypt

Maintain modern teaching and learning environment now and in the future

Our team conducted School upscaling and Gap analysis leading to a school development project program for two existing schools in Cairo, Egypt. The projects’ main goal is to find areas of development, guarantee quality learning outcomes, and maintain modern teaching and learning environment now and in the future.

Country: Egypt
Size of the project:Two international schools
Actions:– Gap analysis of the overall performance of the two schools
– Creating school profiles and suggestions for future development
Results:– Succeed in building trust with the whole school community
– Introduced innovative way for school development
– Created a Performance profile and Development plan
Period:Nov 2020 – Jan 2021

A holistic approach to development was an eye-opening experience

Although well-established private schools can be challenging environments to implement change management processes, we succeeded in building trust among the management and teachers to get the analysis of strengths and development areas of high-profile schools.

The whole school community participated in the planning process for the future. The data was gathered through interviews, class observation, curriculum review, parental & learner engagement and it formed a realistic Performance profile and Development plan for the school. Our systemic and holistic approach to school development was an eye-opening innovation for the management and personnel. The implementation of the Development plan will start in 2022 together with Polar Partners.

Developing existing school