Zambian-Finnish vocational training and business development center

Creating a plan for mining industry-focused vocational training and business center in Zambia

This feasibility study was commissioned by Polar Partners by Mining Finland to explore the opportunities to support the Finnish mining industry SME’s business opportunities in Zambia.

The feasibility study was especially focused on the establishment of a mining industry-focused, vocational training, and business development center in Zambia. The need for a permanent vocational center was identified on earlier visits to Zambia and discussions with Finnish and local stakeholders.

Country: Zambia
Size of the project:12 public and private Zambian organizations
Actions:– Analyzing the current needs for vocational training
– Analyzing the future trends and employability forecasts
– Analyzing the current vocational options
Results:– Vocational training needs mapped
– All relevant stakeholders identified and interviewed
– A roadmap for establishing a Zambian-Finnish vocational training center created
Period:April 2019 – September 2019

Polar Partners team managed the study in Zambia

The long-term vision was to create a permanent model to support Zambian capacity building and job creation, as well as help the Finnish SMEs create connections to Zambian stakeholders and generate profitable business.

The project included three phases:

1. A desk study of the current vocational skill gaps, future trends, and current Zambian stakeholders in vocational education and competence development sectors.

2. Field study in Zambia (Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe) including meetings with several educational institutions, chambers of commerce, development agencies, Ministries, and companies

3. Final report and a project plan on how to create a permanent Zambian – Finnish vocational and business development center in Zambia.

Several large mines expressed willingness to develop the local industry by working with the local manufacturers rather than international traders. Many companies had plans to open up a school and / or to educate the manufactures on supplier reliability, quality standards and technical skills so they could offer competitive services to the mines.

Zambian Development Agency

Polar Partners’ Finnish partners: Mining Finland, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, 22 Finnish higher education institutions, and vocational institutions.

Zambian stakeholders: Accelerated Growth for SMEs (AGS) project and The Copperbelt University.

Project manager: