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Polar Partners provides everything you need to develop your K-9 school for the 21st century with the best practices of Finnish education. Our solutions deliver you a high-quality school where students gain important life skills and shape a bright future of their own. Are you ready to start school development with us?

Best practices to take your school to the next level

Current global challenges have pushed schools to transform and develop their operations faster than ever before to deliver quality education. To develop your school for the 21st century, you need to have a comprehensive approach to development and a curious mind.

We help you to identify the development areas of your school, prepare a concrete plan for the future and start the school development with the best experts from Finland. In partnership with us, you will have an experienced team supporting your long-term change, and we can assure a good return on your investment. 

  • Comprehensive approach to school development

  • Future skills and the well-being for students

  • The best education model in the world

  • Tailored development plan with impact

All aspects of school development

With our award-winning Polar school model, we provide you the best practices of Finnish education – choose selected development aspects or start to develop your school in a more holistic way. Our school development focuses on:

  • Promoting 21st century learning
  • Hands-on professional training and support for teachers
  • Best practises for school operation and academic planning
  • Supportive tools for individual learning and inclusion
  • Digital curriculum dashboard to support lesson planning and monitor the progress

Start with small steps or dream big!

With our 360 school development service, we cover all the aspects of high-quality Finnish education contextualized to your environment. First you need to have a vision of what kind of school you want to create and what is your scope for the development project – do you want to focus on selected aspects or take full 360 degree spin?

Our Polar School model combines all best practises of Finnish education and it’s the basis for school development. We start the development process with an analysis to identify your baseline situation and based on it create a tailored development project plan, including a selection of services for curriculum development, leadership training, teacher training, learning environment design, student support services and learning materials and tools with a realistic timeline and budget.

We also provide development services ensuring your school to become a school following the Finnish Education model and be audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). This requires development in different levels of the school’s operations: organisational level, principle level, practical level and development level.

We have the largest professional network of experts on the market and our experienced project management team ensures that development process is smooth and all aspects are designed to work seamlessly together. We help you to make a change. In partnership with us, you will have long-term support for your school.

To help you to develop your school, we want to start by asking a few questions. Please let us know your current vision, timeline for the project, and budget by answering the questionnaire. Let’s start the change together!

The process of a development project

Phase 1: Analysis

1-3 months

Phase 2: School development

1-3 years

Phase 3: Operation and annual license

3+ years

  • timeline_project preparation

    1-3 months Phase 1: Analysis

    Our team of experts conducts an analysis of the school’s baseline situation and the desired development. Analysis can be light or more thoroughly, depending on the scope of the development project. Analysis can include review of school strategy, curriculum, academic plans, pedagogical plans, the school facilities, observation of lessons, interviews of school stakeholders, and gathering other relevant data. As a result project scope and project plan with activities, timeline and budget is co-created for future development.

  • 1-3 years Phase 2: School development

    Our experienced project management team manages the school development project and guarantees quality delivery according to plan. We provide you with the selected services and help you with change management and planning the re-launch the your school.

  • 3+ years Phase 3: Operation and annual license

    Usually our school development activities are designed to be implemented during a timeline of 1-3 years. Depending on the scope of the project, some development activities require continuous, annual support and quality assurance such becoming a school following the Finnish International school standards. We want to create partnerships and provide long-term operational support for your school in all development related question.

Delivering all aspects of 21st century education

Finland’s education model is regarded #1 in the world. Education has a strong focus to support learning and well-being of each child with providing them with 21st century skills. Students are guided to explore curiously, reflect their learning and find meaningful ways to apply their knowledge in the real world, not just in tests. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!

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Contact our team and let us know your initial plans by answering to a few questions about your project such as your vision, timeline for the project and budget for the first five years. This will help us to provide you with relevant new information. We will get back to you in two days.

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