Become a Top Teacher
– Online training program about 21st century education

Do you want to develop your professional competence?

Learn how to better support the learning, development and well-being of each child in basic education with the help of teacher training professionals and education experts from Finland.

Polar Partners offers research-based, practical, and inspiring online training courses for teachers in basic education. The courses are developed together with a team of education specialists from Polar Partners and University of Turku, Finland. Courses will equip you with pedagogical competencies – skills that are typical to the teachers in the world’s best education system.

The Top Teacher program contains four online courses. The first course 1. Gain Top Results in Basic Education is now available online, and the rest will follow during 2022–2023. Learn more about the foundations of Finnish education and start the program!

How to be more qualified in teaching?

Top Teacher program is designed for teachers in basic education who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of Finnish education – and how to apply it at work. With the modern pedagogical competencies, you’ll be more qualified to work for example in a Finnish International School.

These courses can be accomplished at your own pace and the materials can be accessed with any device. When completing the course, you will receive a Certification of Completion from Finland.

– Learn the foundations of the world’s best education
– Use the self-study materials available 24/7 online
– Receive a Certificate of Completion from Finland
– Get better results in class as a more qualified teacher
– Develop professionally to discover new opportunities

How to equip your school’s teachers with the best tools?

Top Teacher program takes your school to the next level with high-quality teacher training. Teachers are the heart of a school and development starts from building teachers competencies – after that a more holistic school development is easier.

Start with the online teacher training program and we can offer supporting live training workshops to enhance the development. We can also support you in your development plans or to transform your school to match the Finnish International School standards.

– Easy way to start developing your school with Polar Partners
– Intensive high-quality in-service education for teachers
– Tools and methods from the world’s best education system
– Pedagogically qualified teachers get better learning results
– Polar Partners helps you to identify development areas

Top Teacher program is provided by the experts from
Polar Partners and University of Turku.

Engaging learning program is designed for self-study

Top Teacher program is designed with all important topics which contains activating lessons, quizzes, practical examples, reflective tasks and teaching portfolio assignments to support your learning. The courses are structured to be done within a few hours at a time in 2–3 months. The most benefit you will gain when practicing the new ways of teaching with the students.

Learnworlds learning management system is intuitive and easy to use. You can highlight materials and make notes directly to the materials. After the program you can showcase your professional development with a Certificate of Completion by the University of Turku and Polar Partners Ltd.

To support your learning, we provide to you:

– Engaging and activating learning experiences
– Insightful academic materials such as presentations, articles, and videos
– 20 powerful online lessons from experienced educators
– Practical work-related assignments
– Quizzes, questions, tests, and games

Top Teacher program with four courses

1. Gain Top Results in Basic Education

Available now online

This research-based, practical, and inspiring online teacher training course about Finnish education will equip teachers with pedagogical competencies characteristic of the teachers in the world’s best education. Course explains the holistic approach to education and how teachers support the learning, development, and well-being of each child in basic education.

Topics of lessons:

  1. Welcome to course
  2. Importance of professional teachers
  3. Equal & inclusive education system
  4. Conception of learning
  5. Curriculum is the heart of the education
  6. Mission and general goals of basic education
  7. Transversal competences
  8. Significance of school culture
  9. School as an organisation
  10. Learning environments and working methods
  11. Shared responsibility for the school day
  12. School day supporting educational goals and well-being
  13. Assessment to support learning
  14. Assessment procedures
  15. Types of assessment
  16. Basis for pedagogical support
  17. Forms of educational support
  18. Pupil welfare
  19. Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching
  20. Possibilities of teaching technologies

Available now online

249 € / person
Contact us with groups.

2. Become a 21st Century Teacher

Available online in 2022

This course will dive deeper into the didactics and concrete methods of teaching. We will give you concrete examples and ideas on how to develop your teaching to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Course is designed to be both comprehensive and inspiring. It is divided to 22 engaging lessons which will include for example how to develop pedagogical thinking, learning-centered methods, how to integrate subjects and build multidisciplinary learning modules and tools for classroom management.

Course will be published in 2022!

Available online in 2022

3. Experience Finnish Education – Virtual Visit to Finland

Available online in 2022

This course is all about experiencing Finnish education in a classroom with a teacher and student.

Available online in 2022.

Available online in 2022

4. Apply Your Pedagogical Skills in Practice

Only for groups

This course is designed for long-term teacher competence development for schools after the courses 1-3. Finnish education experts provide more in-service teacher training (online and live) and support for teachers in their work.

Contact us for more information.

Only for groups

Top Teacher program’s first course is now available

Gain Top Results in Basic Education – Top Teacher 1

  • 40h of work
  • Certification of Completion
  • Comprehensive material package

Gain Top Results in Basic Education – for Groups

  • 60h of work
  • Certification of Completion
  • Supporting live training with Finnish experts

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?
This course is for teachers in the basic education (K-9).

What does the course require from the participant?
All you need is access to a computer or mobile and a working internet. Everything is online and available on demand so that you can study at your own pace. A curious attitude and interest in personal development are a plus.

How long is the course?
To complete the first course, takes around 40 hours. Course is structured to be done within a few hours at a time in 2–3 months.

When can I participate in courses 2–3?
Online courses 2-4 are available in 2022–2023. Please let us know if you are interested. We will inform you in more detail as soon as possible.

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