Are you looking for the best school concept in the world?

Polar Partners Ltd is a fast-growing pioneer in designing high-quality schools based on the Finnish education model. We help our clients to manage the design and setup of a brand new school or the development of an existing school to reach optimal learning outcomes and achieve a good return on investment. We have the world’s largest network of Finnish educational experts, an award-winning modular Polar School concept and we are happy to start designing a school of the future with you.

Polar School concept

We have carefully designed every single aspect of the best school in the world. The Polar School concept is based on the Finnish education model. It includes all aspects of a high-quality school, designed to work seamlessly together. Our school concept focuses on engaging students, promoting a global mindset, and developing 21st-century skills for tomorrow. Using our school concept, you will bring a totally new level of education to your area.

Finnish education

Finland’s education system is regarded as the best in the world. The Finnish education system is research-and-evidence based. The holistic approach is built to support the learning, development, and well-being of each child.

The Finnish national curriculum is one of the first in the world with a focus on 21st-century skills in all 19 subjects and has won awards for highlighting skill-based learning. This education system does not only focus on good grades; it strongly encourages students to acquire skills that will support them throughout their lives.

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